Stephane Gasparini - La lecon de chant Electro-Magnetique (1983, IT/FR, electronic/opera) 
Friday, June 29, 2007, 07:44 PM - Music, - FR, - IT, English
How did an adjective like Electro Magnetic, which only originated in 1823, germinate in the minds of J. Offenbach and E. Bourget, so that today it has become a common term.
Just imagine an Italian singing teacher in 1983 with his own recording studio comprising numerous electro-magnetic instruments, intent on promoting a reticent singing student who he must back up with synthesizers and sound mixing panels. We must jump a century to react with the same enthusiasm.
(from the sleeve notes)

I found this on the market. If you dislike opera voices, like I do, skip to side two, there you find the instrumental rendition. That synthesizer only version is not available on cd.

Side one:
1 Introduction [2:10]
2 No 1 Andante - Tout zante sur la terre [4:24]
3 No 2 Tarentelle - C'est la vive tarentelle [1:13]
4 No 3 Ensemble - Apôtre de la foi magnétique [7:34]
5 No 3 bis La Bigornoise - Ronde (extraite de l'Ensemble) [5:13]
6 No 4 Final [1:31]

Side two:
1 Introduction [1:14]
2 No 1 Andante [1:52]
3 No 2 Tarentelle [1:12]
4 No 3 Ensemble [4:05]
5 No 3 bis La Bigornoise [3:59]
6 No 4 Final [1:31]

The uploads where damaged, I re-uploaded them again.

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Swing Family - Music Force (1985, FR, disco/fusion) 
Saturday, April 21, 2007, 02:20 PM - Music, - FR, English
Swing Family is library music artist Sauveur Mallia on Bass, EMU, DX7, MSQ 700, Sequential Circuit, Mini Moog and Oberheim, accompanied by three wind instrument players. The music actually is company movie background music. I bought it for the cover (the price was also cheap).

Side one:
1 Exorcistor [4:05]
2 Greewich Boulevard [3:55]
3 Music Force [4:35]
4 Mission Africa [4:54]

Side two:
1 Musical Stars [3:13]
2 Gentleman & Musician [3:23]
3 Film Action [3:10]
4 Episode Double [5:06]
5 Fatal Lady [3:41]

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Roger Roger - Music for Fun (1968, FR, electronic) 
Sunday, January 28, 2007, 06:24 PM - Music, - FR, English
24 One minute library melodies plus short tags of Roger Roger on Mondiophone MON-18.

Side one:
01 Rigamarole (Laughing Mania)
02 Les Joyeux Marteaux (Merry Hammers)
03 Valse pas Serieuse (Merry Waltz)
04 Piano Western
05 Galop des Galopins (Kids Race)
06 Ariette des Jouets (Toys Arietta)
07 Vadrouillard 1 (Rambler 1)
08 Vadrouillard 2 (Rambler 2)
09 Vadrouillard 3 (Rambler 3)
10 Souk souk (Arabian)
11 Percussionnades (Percussions)
12 Tob' Toboggan

Side two:
01 Musique por Rire (Music for Fun)
02 Joyeux Palmipedes (The Merry Ducks)
03 Defile Junior (Junior Parade)
04 Alkotest
05 Citron Mechanique (Lemon Taste)
06 Eresipele (Erysipele)
07 Kek'tu Dis (Whatcha Say)
08 Julienas Street (French Wine Street)
09 Tunnel 26
10 Baladeur (The Stroller)
11 Bidule de L'espace (The Thing from Space)
12 Un Pastiche (Parody)

Not shared anymore.

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Nino Nardini - Funny Moogy (1983, FR, electronic) 
Friday, December 29, 2006, 06:50 PM - Music, - FR, English
I bought this as a bootleg cd.
The bootlegger tried to reduce the noise of the old lp.
By doing so, he damaged some synthesizer sounds.
That's a pity. The music is excellent.

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Roger Roger - Sounds Industrial (FR, electronic) 
Friday, December 22, 2006, 06:18 PM - Music, - FR, English
Finally a record from Roger Roger. The titles don't have names, just numbers.
Year of release is unknown.

On this stylish site you can read more about library music (in french).

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Georges Rodi - Electronic Sounds (FR, electronic) 
Thursday, December 14, 2006, 10:30 PM - Music, - FR, English
Is it Roger Roger? Is it Nino Nardini? No, it's super Georges Rodi!
The Moog Cookbook must have heard this before they started.
All synthesizer with some guitar on Morning Song.
Too good to only be called 'library music'.
Especially Sideral Clock gets an 8 on the White Noise Scale.

I don't know from which year it is, early 70's I suppose.
By the way: the Moog Cookbook has a new cd out, you can listen to it here. And, yes!, they too made a version of Psyche Rock.

Side one:
1 Remembering the Future [2:46]
2 Hell's Angels [3:00]
3 Electronic Sounds [2:53]
4 Western Time [2:44]
5 Peace and Love [2:57]
6 Sideral Clock [3:19]

Side two:
1 Sand Rose [2:59]
2 Indian Love Melody [3:01]
3 Metallic Blues [3:02]
4 Superpositions [2:53]
5 Morning Song [3:04]
6 Chain Link [3:00]

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Eric Swan - Jingle Encore (FR, electronic/library music) 
Monday, November 27, 2006, 10:05 PM - Music, - FR, English
Once you arrive at library music you are lost.
Library music is produced to be used in radio and television shows that cannot afford their own composer. It came out on lp's and was never available for the public. The lp's were bought by broadcast companies and stood in the library, waiting...
Until the libraries were cleaned up and all the lp's came on second hand markets.
Luke Vibert made a nice collection of this kind of music in his Nuggets-cd series. And Barry 7 with the Connectors series did too.
Well known library music makers are Roger Roger, Nino Nardini and Cecil Leuter(=Roger Roger).
Here I post an unknown lp from the French Mondiophone label. I could not discover when it was made, but I think early 70's, because Popcorn is used as a reference. These are all jingles, not background music. And all 24 have different versions with different lengths from 2 to 30 seconds.
Most interesting is side two where a synthesizer was used to produce the jingles.

The names of the tunes are a description of the kind of music. This made it easier to choose from. The titles are translated from French.

Side one:
01 - Amaible gavotte
02 - Lightly amusing
03 - Lightly amusing
04 - Light polka
05 - Mini moto perpetuo
06 - Little march, delicate and rustic
07 - Lullaby in 3/4 time
08 - Rural 3/4 (with birds) (without birds)
09 - Comical miscelaneous
10 - Nursery music with soft flutes
11 - Barrel organ waltz
12 - Barrel organ march

Side two:
13 - style Pop corn
14 - Lento grotesque
15 - style Pop corn with gimmicks
16 - Comical slow march
17 - style Pop corn
18 - Fast staccato 6/8 with a whimsical flavour
19 - Mechanical 3/4
20 - Nonchalant with jew's harp effect
21 - Mechanical 2/4 with gimmicks
22 - Medium tempo with gimmicks
23 - Gallopade with gimmicks
24 - Leisurely ramble

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