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      • Jimi Hendrix - Live in Stockholm (1967-1969, US, jimi hendrix)
        Most of this album consists of radio recordings from Radiohus Studio, Stockholm, Sweden, 9/5/67. The last two songs are recorded live at the Konserthus, Stockhom, 1/9/69. Wizardo WRMB 333.
        The record is a bit scratchy.

        Jimi Hendrix - guitar
        Noel Redding - bass

      • Roger Roger - Music for Fun (1968, FR, electronic)
        24 One minute library melodies plus short tags of Roger Roger on Mondiophone MON-18.

        Side one:
        01 Rigamarole (Laughing Mania)
        02 Les Joyeux Marteaux (Merry Hammers)
        03 Valse pas Serieuse (Merry Waltz)
        04 Piano Western
        05 Galop des Galopins (Kids Race)<

      • W.A.T. live at Pandora's Music Box (1983, NL, new wave)
        W.A.T. (from World According To) were a Dutch trio based on sequencers, slide guitar and a thin female voice.
        Ad van Meurs: guitar, voice
        Ankie Keultjes: synthesizer, voice
        Frank Van Nieuwenhof: bass guitar

        They played on Pandora's Music Box, a new wave fe

      • Rhythm of Life - Soon - Summertime (1981, UK, pop)
        Between Josef K and his solo career, Pail Haig made two singles with Stephen Harrison under the name Rhythm of Life. To confuse us, Paul named his second solo album also Rhythm of Life.
        The 7" I have is 1 and A sided, both simple pop songs.

        A - Soon [3:00]
        1 - S

      • Today, Thursday January 25, 20h30, Theater Kikker, Utrecht, NL
        LUISTEREN! in Kikker Cinemuze/Krachtstroom
        Theater Kikker, Ganzenmarkt 14, 3512 GD Utrecht
        Thursday January 25, 20h30
        an evening with films and a lecture by Frits Weiland

        Ton Bruynèl/Bert Schierbeek/Fred van Dijk - video

      • Fashion - Product Perfect (1979, UK, new wave)
        There are two versions of Fashion. This is the first version with singer/guitarist Luke James. The music at this time is a kind of scarce art rock. A synthesizer is used, but not to create a wall of sound as the later Fashion did. Luke's voice is unique.

        And there are two versions of

      • The Danse Society - Say it again (1985, UK, new romantic)
        A double 12" from 1985.

        1 - Say it again (extended danse mix) [7:04]
        2 - Fade away (she's in your dreams) [3:15]
        3 - Sensimilla [5:59]
        4 - Treat me right [3:59]

        [Listen low quality fragments]
        [Download high quality at mediafire]

      • Rick Powell - Switched-On-Country (1970, US, electronic/country)
        Who was first, Gill Trythall or Rick Powell? Anyway, Mr. Trythall is definitely better, but this is also worthwhile listening to, especially for Steel Guitar Rag, Ruby, Kaw-Liga and I walk the line.

        Side one:
        1 Steel Guitar Rag
        2 Born To Lose
        3 Cattle Call

      • A Certain Ratio - I need someone tonite (1983, UK, funk)
        Both songs on this 12" are not available on a regular A Certain Ratio cd.
        The b-side is a rather pointless version of the Steve Wonder song Dont you worry bout a thing. It's exactly the same... But a nice curiosity.

        1 - I need someone tonite [5:39]
        2 - Dont

      • Bryan Ferry - As the world turns (1977, UK, pop)
        What the @#$%& does BF on this blog...?
        It's not about Bryan Ferry, it's about Robert Fripp. He plays on the b-side. This is in the same period as he played on Heroes of Bowie. Fripp didn't have his own band at that time.

        1 This is tomorrow
        2 As t

      • Bartok - Insanity (1982, UK, new wave)
        Bartok was John Grant and Simon Werner of punk band the Straps with Rat Scabies of the Damned and on track 1 Jah Wobble.
        They only made this 12".

        1 Insanity [2:45]
        2 I am the bomb [3:18]

        [Listen low quality fragments]
        [Download high quality at me

      • Colour Box - Breakdown (1982, UK, new wave/synth pop)
        Colour Box had a hit with The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme in 1987. They had even a bigger hit that same year under the name M|A|R|R|S (in collaboration with A R Kane) with Pump up the Volume.
        But this is their first single from 1982 (12" version, BAD 215).

        1 B

      • A Certain Ratio - Greetings Four (1986, UK, new wave/funk)
        Almost all the work of A Certain Ratio is issued on cd. Almost. I have some recordings that are only available on 12". I will post them and I start with Greetings Four. The first song, The Runner, is never released on cd. The 12" came out on The Italian label Materiali Sonoti, based in San

      • The Danse Society - There is no shame in death (1980, UK, new wave/electronic/gothic)
        The first 12" of the Dance Society.
        What kind of music would they have made if there were no echo machines?

        1 - There is no shame in death [12:19]
        2 - Dolphins [3:06]
        3 - These frayed edges [4:18]

        [Listen low quality fragments]
        [Download hig

      • Genesis - BBC master dat (1972, UK, symphonic rock)
        In my post of Supersister live in Meerlo I mentioned that Genesis was playing at that festival too. A Genesis fan club picked this up, they have a list of all the Genesis performances, but the concert at the Midsummer Pop Festival 1972 in Meerlo was not on that list, even not on the gig list of Phil

      • Vinyl flexi's (1982-1983, UK, new wave)
        In a previous post I requested some rips of Vinyl magazine flexi discs.
        Toon from Belgium was kind enough to send me those.
        I hereby share them.
        Thanks to Toon!

        Cabaret Voltaire - Over And Over
        Gang Of Four - Lord Make Me A Cowboy
        Mark Stewart And The

      • Another Absurd Record (1979, UK, new wave/weird)
        In October I posted Gerry & the Holograms on Another Absurd Record.
        Without me knowing it, the guy(s) of Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt posted in November six other releases of that label.
        I just found out.

        Click on the image to go to the post.

      • Listen temporary removed

        I have to do this, it costs too much data traffic.

        The possibility to listen comes back, but then with fragments.


      • De Minuut van Ruud laatste deel (Jaap Aap Show - Media-Mangel, 1989)
        Eindelijk alle Minuten van Ruud die ik heb op YouTube gezet.

        Geinig ?
        Op verzoek heb ik een aantal afleveringen op mediafire en megaupload gezet:
        (in video-cd mpeg1 formaat)
        Animal Crackers compilatie [mf] [mu]
        Jaap Aap c

      • Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music Volume 2 (1966-1977, NL, electronic)
        This double-lp is volume 2 of Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music. I posted Volume 1 (1955-1966) last week.
        If aliens invade the earth, they will not understand Grunge, Trance or Gangsta, but this they will.

        This lp and volume 1 are re-issued on cd (the recordings ar

      • Barry Andrews - Rossmore Road (1981, UK, pop)
        Barry Andrews was founding member of XTC (1977-1978).
        In 1981 he formed Shriekback with David Allen (Gang of Four) and Carl Marsh.
        In between he played with Robert Fripp's League of Gentlemen and had his own band Restaurant for Dogs. From this period dates this solo 7".

      • Bakersfield Boogie Boys - Okie from Muskogee (1980, US, new wave/weird)
        On this 12" the Bakersfield Boogie Boys covered the red neck Merle Haggard song Okie from Muskogee in a way Devo did with (I can't get no) Satisfaction.
        Get off my cloud (Rolling Stones) and I get around (Beach Boys) got a more Flying Lizards like treatment, not at least caused by the

      • Synapse (1976-1978)
        Old electronic music magazine Synapse on-line.
        I found this news on Matrixsynth, a nice blog for synth nerds.
        Articles about Kraftwerk, Tonto (world's largest synthesizer), Moog, Zappa and Fripp, focusing on the use of electronic equipment and lots of dated advertisements.

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