Pere Ubu (1992, US, pere ubu) 
Monday, October 12, 2020, 01:52 PM - Music, - US, English
Dutch radio recording of a 1992 show in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Or was it 1993?
Pushin' Too Hard is a The Seeds cover from the early days, released as part of The Shape of Things.

1 Codex
2 Bus Called Happiness
3 Heaven
4 George Had A Hat - Pushin' Too Hard
5 Non-Alignment Pact

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Bowling balls from hell (1980, US, new wave / experimental) 
Saturday, October 10, 2020, 09:01 PM - Music, - US, English
Akron compilation on Clone Records.
Half filled with minmal synthesizer work of Denis DeFrange.
Other big contributer is Ralph Carney who does one song with David Thomas (Pere Ubu). Ralph Carney worked with Tom Waits and the B-52's.
Includes an early version of the Waitresses' I know what boys like.

Side one:
1 The Waitresses - Wait Here I'll Be Right Back... (I Know What Boys Like)
2 Denis DeFrange - Sector Wars
3 Ralph Carney - Closet Bears
4 Denis DeFrange - Pyrenees
5 Ralph Carney - Hösé Annå
6 Denis DeFrange - Bowling Balls Theme

Side two:
1 Ralph Carney and David Thomas - Sunset In Hibernia
2 Denis DeFrange and Mark Frazier - The Manikin Shuffle
3 Hăff Nōtz - Ride, Rider
4 Denis DeFrange - My Spys Lost
5 Hurricane Bob - Andrea
6 Denis DeFrange - The Last Pin

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The Mystic Moods - Lovers in the Night (1976, US, muzak) 
Monday, September 21, 2020, 03:17 PM - Music, - US, English

Actualy it is the Nighttide lp of The Mystic Moods Orchestra from 1966.
This is a Dutch Reissue.

Side one:
1 Theme From A Summer Place
2 Summertime
3 Shane
4 Days Of Wine And Roses
5 Strangers In The Night
6 Invitation

Side two:
1 Singin' In The Rain
2 Nevada Smith
3 My Own True Love
4 Daphne's Theme
5 Moon River
6 Lara's Theme (Somewhere My Love)

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The Mystic Moods - Love the one you're with (1972, US, muzak) 
Saturday, September 19, 2020, 12:28 PM - Music, - US, English

Side one:
1 Love
2 How do I love you
3 Living is giving
4 Lay lady lay
5 Sensuous woman

Side two:
1 Sweet rollin'
2 Another dawn (with you)
3 Warm lovin'
4 Good feelings
5 Love the one you're with

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The Mystic Moods - Erogenous (1974, US, muzak) 
Thursday, September 17, 2020, 10:51 AM - Music, - US, English

Side one:
1 Your place or mine
2 Keep me warm
3 The sound of love
4 Down easy
5 The other side of midnight

Side two:
1 Any way you want
2 Honey trippin'
3 The magician
4 Fallen angel
5 Get it while the gettin' is good
6 Midnight snack

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Bernie Green With The Stereo Mad-Men - Musically MAD (1959, US, novelty) 
Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 12:25 PM - Music, - US, English
This record has nothing to do with magazine MAD.
But Alfred was what caught my attention.

Side one:
1 Concerto For Two Hands
2 Morgan On 'The Mikado'
3 Anvils, Of Course
4 Mad Fans' Square Dance
5 The Skater And His Dog
6 Gunsmirk Suite

Side two:
1 Morgan On Wagner
2 The Green Bee
3 Alfred In The Circus
4 Give Me That Good Old Progressive Jazz
5 Clinkerated Chimes
6 Two Guitars, A Banjo And A Mandolin
7 Laughing Raymond

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Doc Severinsen and The Now Generation Brass - Doc Severinsen's Closet (1970, US, Big Band) 
Monday, October 31, 2011, 04:52 PM - Music, - US, English
I mainly bought this lp recently because it includes a big band version of The court of the Crimson King. The rest of this record is also not bad, big band wise.
It reminds me of the Quincy Jones lp Walking in Space: the music ranges from trippy to kitschy.
The recording contains covers of the Beatles and Beach Boys as well.
I wonder how it managed to escape from my attention for 40 years...

Side one:
1 The court of the Crimson King [7:31]
2 Bottleneck [3:14]
3 Surfer girl [2:44]
4 Give me just a little more time [2:57]

Side two:
1 Footprints of the giant [9:42]
2 Power to the people [2:55]
3 Abbey road medley [6:06]

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