Kowalski - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (DE, new wave) 
Friday, July 20, 2007, 06:14 PM - Music, - DE, English
Kowalski was a band from Wuppertal.
Uwe Fellensiek: vocals
Hans Bäär (aka Hans Maahn): bass
Rüdiger Braune: drums
Rüdiger Elze (aka LC): guitar
They made one lp: Schlagende Wetter
Kowalski is the second most common surname in Poland. It translates to blacksmith were it is the patronymic form of the name for Smith (wikipedia).

I ran out of tape, so the last song is not complete.

2 3/4 songs 13'40"

[Listen low quality]
[Download high quality]
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Clock DVA - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (UK, new wave) 
Tuesday, July 17, 2007, 06:09 PM - Music, - UK, English
Clock DVA was a group from Sheffield in different lineups around Adi Newton (vocals, electronics).
The name was inspired by the Russian-influenced Nadsat of Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange. Dva is the Russian word for two.

3 songs 15'38"

[Listen low quality]
[Download high quality]
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Armoury Show - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (UK, new wave) 
Friday, July 13, 2007, 06:03 PM - Music, - UK, English
The coming time I post some radio recordings from the Pandora's Music Box festival in Rotterdam 1983.
Often I don't know the names of the songs and I didn't split them, so in the post you'll find one big mp3 file. You can split it yourself without re-encoding with mp3DirectCut, you can get that program for free.

Armoury Show was:
Richard Jobson: vocals (Skids)
Russel Webb: bass (Skids)
John McGeoch: guitar (Magazine, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Visage)
John Doyle: drums (Magazine)
The band was named after the Armory Show, a famous 1913 modern art exhibition in New York.

3 songs 17'47"

[Listen low quality]
[Download high quality]

Valeri sent two more tracks of this concert:
- Jungle Of Cities
- The Glory Of Love
You can download them here
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Kewi a gogo party - Sie wunscht sich ein Kewi ins bett (1980, NL, reggae/pop) 
Tuesday, July 10, 2007, 06:24 PM - Music, - NL, English
De Kewi's are Kees Maas and William Wisselink. If the name of a duo is formed out of the first two characters of the names, you know it is silly.
Side one is in German with a Dutch accent, side two in English with a very Dutch accent and Latin with even a more Dutch accent.
But, in a way, this is comforting me (being Dutch of course).
Kees and William are the founders of, Enschede based, 1000 Idioten Records, which means: there always will be 1000 idiots who will buy their records. Mine is a 12" promotional copy, not for sale.
Wisselink produced it, and he did a better job than JJ Burnel on the Polyphonic Size PS 12".

Kewi`s Komplete for sale at Basta Music.

[Listen low quality]
[Download high quality]
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Honey Bane - Turn me on - Baby love (1981, UK, new wave/electronic) 
Friday, July 6, 2007, 06:43 PM - Music, - UK, English
Honey Bane (real name Donna Tracy Boylan) could be the forerunner of the cosplayers in Japan. But before she became a cutie, she was part of the Fatal Microbes, Poison Girls and Crass.
In this post two of her singles, or in fact three, Turn me on Turn me off is a double.

Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69 produced this record:

According to Wikipedia she was a pin-up model for erotic magazines in the late eighties.

[Listen low quality]
[Download high quality]
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Polyphonic Size - PS (1981, BE, electronic/new wave) 
Tuesday, July 3, 2007, 06:31 PM - Music, - BE, English
Actually, Polyphonic Size has never been a real band, but Roger-Marc Vande Voorde's project.
Being a true Rolling Stones fan, he started to learn guitar and began to play in small local bands : Berk, Reynolds, Magnetix and mostly Melody.
Roger-Marc was also running a belgian Stranglers fanzine: Strangled. He first met Jean-Jacques Burnel in Cologne in 1978, then sent him the 2 Polyphonic Size EP. JJ listens to the singles and offers to produce the next right away.
In early 1981, Polyphonic Size records this maxi single, PS, including a robotic cover version of the Rolling Stones classic, Mother's Little Helper. The four other tracks are "Girlscout" (sung with an english friend called Angie), Men & Construction, On the Way To Medora and a brand new version of Saison. This time, Polyphonic Size is also Martine Bourlée (who is also RM's girl friend) and Jean Marc Lederman (lately in Kid Montana and the Weathermen).

Side one:
1 Mother's little helper [3:03]
2 Girlscout [3:18]

Side two:
1 Men and construction [1:44]
2-3 On the way to Medora - Saison [5:22]

[Listen low quality]
[Download high quality]
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Stephane Gasparini - La lecon de chant Electro-Magnetique (1983, IT/FR, electronic/opera) 
Friday, June 29, 2007, 07:44 PM - Music, - FR, - IT, English
How did an adjective like Electro Magnetic, which only originated in 1823, germinate in the minds of J. Offenbach and E. Bourget, so that today it has become a common term.
Just imagine an Italian singing teacher in 1983 with his own recording studio comprising numerous electro-magnetic instruments, intent on promoting a reticent singing student who he must back up with synthesizers and sound mixing panels. We must jump a century to react with the same enthusiasm.
(from the sleeve notes)

I found this on the market. If you dislike opera voices, like I do, skip to side two, there you find the instrumental rendition. That synthesizer only version is not available on cd.

Side one:
1 Introduction [2:10]
2 No 1 Andante - Tout zante sur la terre [4:24]
3 No 2 Tarentelle - C'est la vive tarentelle [1:13]
4 No 3 Ensemble - Apôtre de la foi magnétique [7:34]
5 No 3 bis La Bigornoise - Ronde (extraite de l'Ensemble) [5:13]
6 No 4 Final [1:31]

Side two:
1 Introduction [1:14]
2 No 1 Andante [1:52]
3 No 2 Tarentelle [1:12]
4 No 3 Ensemble [4:05]
5 No 3 bis La Bigornoise [3:59]
6 No 4 Final [1:31]

The uploads where damaged, I re-uploaded them again.

[Listen low quality]
[Download high quality]
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