Instructions, the first volume of the Sub Rosa's Myth Project (1985) 
Thursday, December 10, 2020, 09:51 PM - Music, - BE, - UK, - US, English
Mark Stewart and William Burroughs on one record, but don't expect too much.

Side one:
1 Mark Stewart + Maffia - The wrong name and the wrong number
2 William S. Burroughs & Martin Olson - The five steps

Side two:
1 The Camberwell Now - For those in peril of the sea
2 The Camberwell Now - Resplash
3 Martyn Bates, Peter Becker - Sun-like-gold
  a To Steven
  b Sun-like-gold
  c To Elizabeth

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Urbanus - The Scratchin' Zwaantjes (1984, BE, scratch/fun) 
Wednesday, December 5, 2007, 06:21 PM - Music, - BE, English
Around 1983 scratching was a hype. Every artist who was old fashioned had now the chance to become modern again by making a scratch hit. You could expect a record to make this movement a bit ridiculous and at the same time making some money. Kris Kastaar did this, using samples of the popular Belgian comedian Urbanus, who also made the cover.

1 The Scratchin' Zwaantjes [8:06]
2 Le Massacre [6:11]

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T.C. Matic - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (BE, electronic rock) 
Friday, September 21, 2007, 06:47 PM - Music, - BE, English
The last post of Pandora's Music Box 1983 recordings.
One of the best bands in Europe at that time. A shame they didn't really made it in the UK and USA. Listen to this performance, live they are even better than in the studio.

Arno Hintjens - vocals
Jean-Marie Aerts - guitar
Serge Feys - synthesizer
Rudy Cloet - drums
Ferre Baelen - bass

5 songs, 18'26"

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Polyphonic Size - PS (1981, BE, electronic/new wave) 
Tuesday, July 3, 2007, 06:31 PM - Music, - BE, English
Actually, Polyphonic Size has never been a real band, but Roger-Marc Vande Voorde's project.
Being a true Rolling Stones fan, he started to learn guitar and began to play in small local bands : Berk, Reynolds, Magnetix and mostly Melody.
Roger-Marc was also running a belgian Stranglers fanzine: Strangled. He first met Jean-Jacques Burnel in Cologne in 1978, then sent him the 2 Polyphonic Size EP. JJ listens to the singles and offers to produce the next right away.
In early 1981, Polyphonic Size records this maxi single, PS, including a robotic cover version of the Rolling Stones classic, Mother's Little Helper. The four other tracks are "Girlscout" (sung with an english friend called Angie), Men & Construction, On the Way To Medora and a brand new version of Saison. This time, Polyphonic Size is also Martine Bourlée (who is also RM's girl friend) and Jean Marc Lederman (lately in Kid Montana and the Weathermen).

Side one:
1 Mother's little helper [3:03]
2 Girlscout [3:18]

Side two:
1 Men and construction [1:44]
2-3 On the way to Medora - Saison [5:22]

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Telex - Twist a Saint Tropez (1978, BE, electronic) 
Tuesday, October 24, 2006, 06:52 PM - Music, - BE, English
I wrote already something about Telex in a previous post.

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Transvolta - Disco-Computer (1978, BE, electronic/disco) 
Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 11:46 PM - Music, - BE, English
This was the prediction of the Groovebox.
Nice mechanic disco tune with vocoder.
Transvolta actually is Dan Lacksman of Belgium band Telex.
Telex represented Belgium for the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest and immediately the organisation made a problem about the use of the vocoder.
This fuzz caused Telex not to use it. Instead of that they made a very lame show, ridiculing the glitter acts (Telex used confetti out of their pockets)

B-side is an extension of the same song.

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