Morton Subotnick - The Wild Bull (1968, US, electronic) 
Sunday, October 28, 2007, 10:58 PM - Music, - US, English
This Piece was named after a Sumerian poem (c 1700 BC).
Morton Subotnick always used the Buchla synthesizer as his electronic instrument. Don Buchla was the west coast counterpart of the east coast Bob Moog. His synthesizers didn't have real keyboards, they were made for producing electronic sounds, not melodies.

1 Part 1 [12:56]
2 Part 2 [14:58]

[Listen low quality lp rip]
[Download high quality lp rip]

Update (Comment from Matrixsynth):
The CD of this is still in print. Mort's site has ordering information.
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Pandora's Music Blog 
Thursday, October 25, 2007, 12:10 AM - Music, English
A special Pandora's Music Box blog started this month!
Lot's of info and articles.

A lot of the 1983 edition music can be downloaded here at Wiel's:
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Rema-Rema - Wheel in the Roses (1980, UK, new wave) 
Wednesday, October 17, 2007, 11:36 PM - Music, - UK, English
The band consisted of Gary Asquith (guitar/vocals), Marco Pirroni (guitar), Mick Allen (bass/vocals), Mark Cox (keyboards) and Max (drums). Their sole EP, Wheel In The Roses, featured one side of studio recordings and another of live material. Their songs "Fond Affections" and "Rema-Rema" were later covered by This Mortal Coil and Big Black respectively.

Rema-Rema split up shortly after the EP's release in April 1980. Pirroni later hit the big time with Adam And The Ants. Asquith, Allen and Cox formed the short-lived Mass with Danny Briottet. Asquith then moved on to Renegade Soundwave, while Cox and Allen stayed with 4AD as part of The Wolfgang Press.

Drummer Max Prior went on to form El Trains (with Jay Strongman) and worked with Genesis P Orridge and Industrial Records as a solo artist under her real name (Dorothy), eventually joining Psychic TV full time.

Now available on cd and iPod.

Side one (studio):
1 Feedback Song [6:30]
2 Rema-Rema [4:11]

Side two (live june 1979):
1 Instrumental [4:00]
2 Fond Affections [4:00]

Not shared anymore.

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No new uploads for two weeks 
Wednesday, October 10, 2007, 04:59 PM - Personal, English

Too busy, sorry.
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B.B.Gabor - B.B.Gabor (1979, CA, pop) 
Tuesday, October 2, 2007, 06:55 PM - Music, - CA, English
B. B. Gabor was the stage name of Gabor Hegedus (1948-1990), a Hungarian-born Canadian pop singer. Hegedus fled with his parents to England in 1956 after the Soviet invasion of Hungary.
On January 17, 1990, Gabor's body was found by police at his Toronto apartment. His death was ruled a suicide. Always sad to hear those things.
Posted 2 of these songs before.

Side one:
1 Metropolitan Life [2:43]
2 Consumer [2:50]
3 Soviet Jewellery [2:38]
4 Laser Love [4:11]
5 Moscow Drug Club [4:24]

Side two:
1 Underground World [3:12]
2 All the Time [5:09]
3 Hunger, Poverty & Misery [3:48]
4 Ooh Mama [2:17]
5 Big Yellow Taxi [5:44]

[Listen low quality]
[Download high quality]
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Skids - Wide Open (1978, UK, new wave) 
Tuesday, September 25, 2007, 06:42 PM - Music, - UK, English
When I posted live recordings of Armoury Show with Richard Jobson, I remembered I own an early 12" of the Skids, former band of Richard J.

Other Skids members:
Stuart Adamson - lead guitar
William Simpson - bass
Thomas Kellichan - drums

Side one:
1 The Saints Are Coming
2 Of One Skin

Side two:
1 Night and Day
2 Contusion

U2 and Green Day performed The Saints Are Coming live in New Orleans.
But the Skids still are better!

[Listen low quality]
[Download high quality]
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T.C. Matic - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (BE, electronic rock) 
Friday, September 21, 2007, 06:47 PM - Music, - BE, English
The last post of Pandora's Music Box 1983 recordings.
One of the best bands in Europe at that time. A shame they didn't really made it in the UK and USA. Listen to this performance, live they are even better than in the studio.

Arno Hintjens - vocals
Jean-Marie Aerts - guitar
Serge Feys - synthesizer
Rudy Cloet - drums
Ferre Baelen - bass

5 songs, 18'26"

[Listen low quality]
[Download high quality]
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